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hey john, whatcha up to for AU2022?

It’s been a little while since I could do a post like this. As we all know, the last two years have been filled with virtual conferences, meetups, and live streams. These have been great, and connecting to everyone on this level has been incredible. (Check out the playlist below for a few of them):

However, here we are in 2022 and in-person events are back! As a matter of fact, the first AEC Event(back in person) that I attended was BILT. I actually managed to vlog that experience here:

And now, here we are with Autodesk University on the horizon. I am pleased to say that I am leading two sessions this year.

The first session

is a live demonstration of Dynamo 2.13 and some of the considerations to keep in mind when updating.

More information on this (full) session can be found here: (Make sure to bookmark it and try to stop by if you aren’t enrolled)

AS500824 | I Shipped My Scripts: Awesome Strategies for Sharing Dynamo Graphs

The second session

is a lunch and learn style session where I plan on discussing all of the different hardware requirements of a Revit plugin author. This one is a bit different than classes and labs I have taught in the past because it is part of a collaboration with Intel and Lenovo, (what?!).

In the lunch and learn, I am going to demonstrate all sorts of Dynamo, Visual Studio, and Revit madness. It is definitely going to be fun, and heck, you even get your own lunch in this one. (Yes the exhibit hall has lunch, but I am led to believe that this lunch will be tastier).

AS502984 | NETWORKING LUNCH & LEARN SESSION: Faster Design and Computation on the Go

Classes I am Excited to Attend

In addition to presenting, I plan on attending quite a few classes. Here are a few that I am excited about.

AS502201 | Dynamo and Curtain Panels: A Wild Brick Pattern Workflow in Revit

AS502819 | Plan for Space Programming

AS501308-rt | Should I Stay or Should I Go Now: Finding Happiness in a Workplace

136789 | Dynamo Community Celebration

AS501209 | Revit 2021-’23: The Hits Keep Coming!

AS500882 | Project Create! Standardized Revit Project Models…By the Thousands!

SD501013 | Deploy Better Plug-ins Faster Through CI/CD and Unit Testing in Azure DevOps

CS501195 | From Drawings to Data

To wrap up this post, I wanted to share a few thoughts.

First, I am excited to see everyone again in person. Having all this time apart has definitely been tough because AU represents more than just software or anything like that. It represents a community. There are tons of folks that I only see once a year or so and it is (more often than not) at Autodesk University.

Second, I am also excited to be presenting at this year’s event because I have been denied for the last two years for AU Virtual. (and I submitted 2-3 proposals for each one!) ๐Ÿ˜…

That goes to show you, always keep trying!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you all at Autodesk University 2022!


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