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What’s going on for #AU2017?

Well, now that BILTNA is past and fall is coming up quickly, that means AU is coming up quickly too! Below you will find various details about what I am up to this year at AU.

Flexible Families: Learn to Make Your Families Stretch and Flex Like Never Before
This year, I am pleased to say that I will be presenting for my first time at AU. My hands-on lab is all about adding better grip controls to Revit families and should be a great time. This class actually completely sold out on the first day, which blows me away.

Computational BIM Workshop—Advanced
In addition to this, I will be co-leading the Advanced Dynamo workshop. I have attended this workshop since AU2014 and am very excited to be on the other side now. A large part of my preparation for this workshop has been creating the definition of “an advanced Dynamo user”. Not only are we going to define this in a great way, but we are also going to provide the tools to get everyone there. If you aren’t signed up, try to make it to this pre-conference event because it should be really fun and hopefully inspiring.

And if that is not enough, I will actually be helping out in all of the following labs!

Dynamo DesignScript for MEP – Jason Boehning
This is an awesome session from Jason that shows some great workflows for MEP using Dynamo.

Winning in Revit with Dynamo Player – Masha Pekurovsky
I am very excited about this one. After my Dynamo Player one didn’t make the cut, I actually reached out to Masha to offer any help I could. This class is also sold out and should be really fun!

Dynamo for Structure – Marcello Sgambelluri
Dynamo. Structure. Marcello. I think that is all I need to say.

Fun with FormIt Pro—A Lab to Hone Your FormIt Skillz – Carl Storms
Last year I had the opportunity to help Carl out with another FormIT lab. He definitely has a great way of explaining things. This lab will be great if you want to get started in FormIT. He also hands out some great swag.

Extra thoughts:

I wanted to also take a moment and talk about another very real thing with conferences, rejection. Earlier in my post, I mentioned that this will be my first time speaking at AU. This is completely true. I have submitted 3 to 4 proposals every year since 2014 and have been denied time and time again, (so that is roughly 12 denials). Even with that track record, it is important to be persistent. I guess I am trying to give some ideas to others who have experienced the same. Be diligent and refine your content each year. My flexible families lab for this year is actually a refined and greatly modified version of a proposal for last year.

If you are passionate about what you have to share, don’t stop sharing. It will get noticed and the community will appreciate it!


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