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Design Tech Unraveled

Tutorials, tips, and tricks for Design Technology as it relates to the AEC Industry.

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  • What’s new in Revit 2024, the API and Dynamo?

    You may already know this, but, Revit 2024 is out and it has quite a few nifty features. Check out the video below for the ones I am most excited about. Also, check out the other video for a Dynamo 2.17 review, which is now included in Revit 2024!

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  • Using AI to Delete All Walls in a Revit Model

    Overview If you are on Twitter or social media in general, you have probably heard of/seen a tool called ChatGPT. It is an AI system that allows for conversational dialogue between you (human) and the AI (🤖). People have used it to generate all sorts of cool stuff in the AEC world. In addition to… Read…

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  • thank you

    Autodesk University 2022 has come and gone. If you missed it and wanted to see the vlogs I did, check out that playlist here. With that, all the votes have been tallied, and they have announced the top speakers and classes for this year. I am ecstatic to announce that I did receive a top… Read…

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