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Design Tech Unraveled

Tutorials, tips, and tricks for Design Technology as it relates to the AEC Industry.

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  • I Shipped My Scripts

    I Shipped My Scripts

    As you may know, Autodesk University was last week and it was really l great seeing everyone in person again. I wrote a post about it here, AU Aftermath. At this year’s event I was lucky enough to teach a Dynamo class. I was also unlucky enough to have it scheduled on the LAST TIMESLOT… Read More »I Shipped My Scripts

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  • Autodesk University Aftermath

    Well, as quickly as it arrived it is now gone. Autodesk University 2022 is a wrap. Right up front, I want to say that, this event was amazing because it was in-person and I had the chance of seeing people I had not seen in years and meet others that I had only ever interacted… Read More »Autodesk University Aftermath

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  • My Python Journey

    My Python Journey

    If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you are probably familiar with my passion around sharing “my Dynamo journey”. The summary is, I opened Dynamo in 2013, it threw all sorts of errors at me and I closed it, (thinking, “I will never learn this”). In 2014, I attended Marcello’s class… Read More »My Python Journey

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