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hey john, watcha up to for #AU2023?

With in-person conferences in full swing, it is time to already start talking about Autodesk University.

If you missed it, I just got back from BILT 2023 in Dallas. Check out that post here. Also, check out the recording of my class over on the youtube channel here: Tools and Tips for Creating Awesome Training Videos.

This year, Autodesk University is back in Las Vegas and class proposal acceptances (and denials) are rolling out now.

With this in mind, I always like to link back to an older post about submitting to conferences:

In that post, I discuss my journey to presenting at Autodesk University and the (at the time) 12 denials. Since writing that post, I have had something like 30 proposals denied over the years. As I always say, keep trying and submitting the classes you want to teach to all of the different conferences. If it was denied for AU, try to have someone review it and then submit it to BILT next year. 😁

With that all said, here is what I am up to for AU2023:

Attending Virtually. 👨‍💻

In case you missed it, I have a few scheduling conflicts for the month of November, so travel is pretty much off the list for me. 😊 But I do look forward to trying to attend/present next year!

I have been attending (and presenting at) Autodesk University since 2014, and other than the forced virtual events, I have always been there in person. So it is definitely a bit different this year, but very exciting and a crazy new journey for us.

I do believe quite a few of the other Parallaxians will be there with the booth in tow. So please stop by and say hi!

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and has attended any of my classes at conferences. I never imagined I would be part of such an awesome community.

Oh and since I won’t be presenting anything on Dynamo at AU this year, feel free to check out my beginner Dynamo course here:

and make sure to use the code HALF_OFF_DYNAMO_BEGINNER_AU2023 to get half off of the course.

Curious about AU2022? Read about that in these posts next:

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