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Monocle for Dynamo Update!

I’m sorry if you use Dynamo and don’t know about or use Monocle. You should, it definitely makes Dynamo better. But maybe I am a bit biased as I make the thing.

Here is an overview video if you aren’t familiar:

I tend to add new features every few months. These include feature requests from awesome users on Monocle’s Github and a few ideas I come up with along the way.

Recent additions include Better Save and Node Swapper!

I share progress GIFs on Twitter as tools evolve.

For a complete overview of the new features, check out the video below!

3 thoughts on “Monocle for Dynamo Update!”

  1. Sir: It seems that you have created some very powerful tools, and I hope everyone appreciates them. However, i have been watching Dynamo since Autodesk introduced it, but every time I try to find a use for it in my mechanical engineering design world, i am disappointed. On at least two occasions when I tried to make use of it, I downloaded tool suites, which then didn’t work on the next upgrade of Revit, so I ultimately just lost interest in Dynamo altogether. My question, then, is: Do you know of any actual examples of actual Dynamo graphs/scripts that actually help with the actual design and layout of ductwork and piping? Thanks, sir

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