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Dynamo 2.12- Now Included with Revit 2022.1!

As you may or may not know, Dynamo is bundled with Revit nowadays.

This has been the case since Revit 2020 as illustrated on this chart,

Dynamo Primer – The Revit Connection

This is great because deploying Dynamo is far easier than it used to be. However, it is less awesome for users who want to test the latest features.

Thankfully, the Dynamo team gives us access to Daily Builds in sandbox mode. With sandbox mode, we have been able to test Dynamo 2.12 for a few months now.

There are a number of new features that I will eventually do a whole video on. Thankfully, Sol summarized those a bit in these two posts.

Most interesting are the node autocomplete and the graph properties.

Dynamo sandbox is great because we have been able to test these new features without Revit. The downside is, that we can’t test new Revit functionality because, well, you know, Dynamo is embedded in Revit. But, we are able to keep an eye out on the Github page and watch for Revit point releases.

Well, yesterday Revit 2022.1 came out and it includes some really nice Revit nodes, (many that retire Rhythm nodes actually). To cover those nodes I created a short video.

Check it out below!

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