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Dynamo for Revit Version Masterlist

Aka, “Which version of Dynamo for which version of Revit.”

(Also, I got tired of memorizing this, so here it is)

Revit VersionMost Current Dynamo Version
Revit 2020.0Dynamo 2.3.x
Revit 2020.1Dynamo 2.3.x
Revit 2021.0Dynamo 2.5.x
Revit 2021.1Dynamo 2.6.x
Revit 2022.0Dynamo 2.10.x
Revit 2022.1Dynamo 2.12.x
Revit 2023Dynamo 2.13.x
Revit 2023.1Dynamo 2.16.x
Revit 2024Dynamo 2.17.x
Revit 2024.1Dynamo 2.18.x