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Design Tech Unraveled

Tutorials, tips, and tricks for Design Technology as it relates to the AEC Industry.

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  • String Manipulation in Dynamo with Rhythm – aka StringyStrings

    Recently I shared this GIF on Twitter regarding string manipulation nodes in Dynamo. This made me realize I have not really broadcasted the nodes available in Core versions of Dynamo in Rhythm. They all deal with string manipulation and they are pretty neato. Check out the overview below!

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  • Family Document Nodes and Batching Workflows for Dynamo!

    Here is a question for Dynamo that comes up time and time again. The question often is: How do I modify XX amount of family files opened in the background with [insert package name here] ? – Dynamo User Unfortunately, the general reply is: Sorry, we can’t help you here, go ask on that package… Read…

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  • Graph Properties in Dynamo!

    Dynamo 2.12 is out now with Revit 2022.1 and it comes with all sorts of cool features. One of them is, serialized properties in your Dynamo graph! Check out this video below for an overview:

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