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Autodesk University Aftermath

Well, as quickly as it arrived it is now gone. Autodesk University 2022 is a wrap. Right up front, I want to say that, this event was amazing because it was in-person and I had the chance of seeing people I had not seen in years and meet others that I had only ever interacted with virtually.

This year was also the first year that I have ever pushed myself to create a “vlog” for each day of the event. Previously, I had done this at BILT North America 2022. You can read all about that here.

Aside from talking to a camera, one of the hardest parts of making a vlog each day is my turnaround of trying to get the day’s vlog edited that same day.

If you want to check out all the videos, they are available in the playlist at the end of this post.

Day 0

Traditionally there are pre-conference workshops before the event. These include Dynamo for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Sadly, there were no workshops this year. 😞

However, for people who want a beginner Dynamo course, I am offering $75 off of my Dynamo for Revit beginner course through October. Make sure you enter the code AU2022 at checkout!

Day 1

The first day was great and I had the chance to attend a few classes. One of these classes was Nicholas from RevitPure‘s brick facade class.

Side note: if there are any clients out there of AU presenters, please be nice and share as much as you can. Nicholas had a live client project available and it was awesome.

One of the coolest events of the day was “Dynamo Office Hours Live”. This is a session that was born during the pandemic and has been traditionally over zoom. In fact, the internet was down so the event was only live, even though they had planned to zoom it.

Another cool thing was on my way to the exhibit hall I ran into the awesome folks from /slantis and received one of my favorite pieces of swag to date.

We rounded out day 1 with an awesome meme that occurred over a casual chat in the hotel lobby and a lyft driver nearly cancelling a ride because I looked too gangster in my profile picture.

Day 2

For the second day of the conference, I had a decently packed schedule. One of these items was a lunch and learn presentation that was sponsored by Intel. It was a great time and it seems like people received some good info from the class. Rather than just showing off machine specs and whatnot, I did a live demo with the following software all running:

  • Revit 2022
  • Revit 2023
  • Visual Studio 2022 (in debug mode on Revit 2022)
  • Twinmotion (with direct link to Revit 2023)
  • Generative Design
  • Dynamo
  • Brave (Chrome)
  • MS Teams (probably the hardest app to run)

In addition to this class, there is a blog post about “My Journey as a Mobile Revit User”. Check it out here.

The specific machine I was testing and demoing was the new Lenovo P16, and this thing flies. More information on that one is here.

I also wanted to say thank you to all those who walked the 1 mile that it required to get to the room.

After the lunch and learn I managed to attend a few more presentations. This included an awesome panel titled, L@tinas in Design Technology. It was a great panel and it was very cool to hear everyone’s journeys.

To end the night, there was a Dynamo community event. It was great meeting people for the first time and seeing people I had not seen in years.

Random note: I really liked the event this year. Yeah, it wasn’t a crazy party with a mechanical bull, but it really had a nice vibe.

Day 3

Day 3 started with a podcast recording with Nono from Getting Simple Podcast. The Dynamo community event was the first time I met Nono in person and he asked if I wanted to be a guest on the show. Which is amazing, and something I never could have imagined myself doing.

After going offsite for the podcast, I ventured back to the conference. I was able to attend one class before preparing for my own.

This was a class from Håvard and Harsh from Reope. It was really awesome to see how they are unifying Revit data in a web UI. Check out the tool they demoed here, Anker.

After attending a few classes it was time to prepare for my class, “I Shipped my Scripts, Awesome Methods for Deploying Dynamo Workflows”. My class was in the last timeslot of the day, on the last day. So needless to say, the pressure was on to make it fun. One way to keep everyone awake was to give away candy! Thankfully, my wife Vanessa found a really great shop in the mall next to the convention center and bought a whole sack of caramels. They were delicious and I ate at least 12 too many. 🙈

The class was a blast, people had a lot of great questions and we were all laughing quite a bit. We did record some of it on our GoPro (until the battery died), so I will share that soon.

Overall, it was a great event and I look forward to the next one. It was awesome seeing old friends, meeting people in person, and in general, connecting with folks. I hope everyone made it home safe and thank you to everyone for the support, for attending the classes, and for following this blog/vlogs.

All the Vlogs!

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