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My Python Journey

If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you are probably familiar with my passion around sharing “my Dynamo journey”. The summary is, I opened Dynamo in 2013, it threw all sorts of errors at me and I closed it, (thinking, “I will never learn this”). In 2014, I attended Marcello’s class at Autodesk University (AU) and it finally clicked.

My python journey (in Dynamo) is extremely similar. I opened Python at a lab at AU2014 and it was intimidating!

Here are a few images of my journey:

Today, I am excited to continue this journey by introducing my new course! Dynamo for Revit – Programming with Python.

Check out the course trailer here:

This course is the result of all of my years of struggling with python, and represents quite a bit of time creating the curriculum, recording the videos and editing them, (shoutout to my wife Vanessa for helping me edit late into the night).

What is this course about?

  • An introduction to Python from a Revit user’s point of view. If you are looking to learn Python by installing it from scratch (not in Dynamo) and build a calculator, sorry, this is not the course for you.
  • A self-paced course with lifetime access. Yep, it’s a paid course, but you get access, forever.
  • A course that will have you creating Python nodes in Revit in no time. I built this course with the same thinking that helped me learn how to use Python in Dynamo. If you follow all the lessons, I promise you will be creating your own custom nodes in no time. Rhythm started as OOTB nodes, and evolved to Python-based nodes in roughly a year.

Where can I get access??

The course is now live. Check it out below and please let me know if you have any questions.

To wrap up this post: I wanted to say thank you all for following this blog and for being interested in what I have to share. I am currently preparing for Autodesk University 2022 next week and I look forward to seeing people in person again. If you see me, please come say hi! I will have some stickers to handout. ๐Ÿ˜

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