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The Most Underrated Feature in Dynamo – Run Preview

Recently, I have been working on quite a few Generative Design workflows. The most recent is a camera placement graph that optimizes for orientation. That is viewable in this post on the Dynamo blog here, Informing A/V Layout with Generative Design.

While building that graph, I had to troubleshoot quite a few weird run issues with the graph. Parts of my graph were running when I was not expecting them to, and I had to isolate what was going on.

Enter, Dynamo’s run preview. Thankfully the run preview allowed me to figure out what was going on finally – a remember node was getting refreshed far more often than I thought. After troubleshooting that workflow, I figured it would make for a cool video to highlight this often overlooked feature.

Check out the video below to learn how to use it, and some of the considerations behind this feature.

Run Preview

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