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Working with Revit Type and Instance Parameters in Dynamo

This question comes up fairly often, especially if you are new to Dynamo. True story, this was actually one of my own first questions on the Dynamo forum as I was setting the arrowhead type for text notes in Revit.

While working with instance and type parameters, I actually made a node in Rhythm that just works for both.

The downside to this strategy is, that it has more overhead as it searches through the instance parameters first, if the parameter is not found, it then tries to get it as a type. The code for this node is on Github here.

To summarize, I made the typeOrInstance nodes for exploratory efforts. That means, that knowing how to work with type and instance parameters is a key skill for any Dynamo user. So, I went ahead and made a video demonstrating the differences, considerations, and whatever else. ๐Ÿ˜

Check it out below!

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