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Rise of the Machines – Augmenting Your Process in the AEC Industry

For a little while now I have been preparing for an upcoming presentation. This one is a bit different than others I have given in the past.

This presentation was originally supposed to happen in 2020, but well, ya know.

This one is different because typically, I am a hands-on demo kind of person. This presentation is just a talk. With slides, images and memes, and GIFs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The topic is, “emerging technology and how to apply it to the AEC industry”.

The whole idea here is, that I want to demonstrate some of the scary sides of technology while also highlighting the great use cases. I also want to highlight folks who are using them.

We start out talking about AI, machine learning, and all sorts of scary stuff.

Example: have you ever visited,

Creepy huh? ๐Ÿ˜

The tech used for that is remarkable and can be used for scary or awesome uses.

How about this?

This is using a tool called Descript, and while it is scary, it has been a gamechanger for me in terms of editing and creating videos. The voice in the video above is purely generated with AI. I didn’t say any of that. I simply trained the machine on my voice, typed some words, and boom.

Now, the presentation is not all about scary stuff and just talking buzz words. I am wrapping it up by discussing a few amazing AEC companies doing amazing things with tech.

This way we can leave the presentation, scared, inspired and who knows how else.

I hope to be able to record the presentation for sharing outside of the conference, but if not I will be sure to share what I can.

For now, here is a very fast flip through of the slides.

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